VW Servicing Near Mobberley, Expertly Completed at Great Prices

VW Servicing Near MobberleyAre you looking for experienced and dependable VW servicing near Mobberley? Our established independent garage can save you, on average, 25% off dealer rates. You sacrifice nothing. Our garage, Macclesfield MOT and Service is long established. We, the current owners, have been in charge for over 20 years. We operate our business with the expertise and attentive customer service that our customers have come to expect. Our servicing standards are quite simply carried out and recorded according to manufacturer recommendations and schedules. We meet all the guidelines required by your warranty, including quality parts. If your car is out of warranty, we can save you a little more money on parts without sacrificing quality.

We have every service you will need conveniently located within our facility. For those near Mobberley, VW servicing with us at Macclesfield MOT and Service includes more than just regular maintenance servicing. We carry out all repairs needed on your VW and supply an excellent selection of tyres that are professionally fitted. We are a designated MOT approved testing facility as well. Our range of comprehensive services is extensive and includes vehicle diagnostics, radio decoding and airbag resets. We are heavily invested in the diagnostic and technical equipment that helps us better serve the needs of the modern VW owner. Being an auto technician at Macclesfield MOT and Service means being committed to updated training. It also means we can service and repair your old antique VW.

VW servicing near Mobberley is as easy as stopping by Macclesfield MOT and Service for a free price quote. While you’re here, ask about any needed repairs and schedule your annual MOT. Our price quotes are honest which means we don’t surprise you with add on fees when you come to retrieve your car. Everything is included in our initial quote, which is great value for the money. Call us at Macclesfield MOT and Service when it’s time for your VW to benefit from maintenance. Our garage is a friendly welcoming place. Here, all your VW needs can be met by skilled technicians using the latest technology to give you dealer quality service, or better, at affordable prices.