Problems with Dual Mass Flywheel near Leek? Count on the Experts

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs near LeekFor problems with your dual mass flywheel near Leek, you can count on Macclesfield MOT & Services. The clutch can vibrate or slip. One of the reasons is because manufacturers have built three and four-cylinder cars to conserve fuel and yet we demand greater power from the engine than it was built to handle. The result is unpleasant noise and sometimes damaging vibration of clutch flywheels. The engineers tried to solve the problem by adding a second flywheel and setting up a web of springs between the two. That was meant to absorb the vibration and it does work but it puts a lot of wear even on these dual mass flywheels. The need for frequent replacement has been a problem. Replacement is also a mechanically difficult task.

Now, we have the option of a type of DMF that has vibration dampening components built-in which has created a durable solution resulting in lower maintenance. For those near Leek, dual mass flywheel repairs are not only less frequent but also easier. Macclesfield MOT & Services is a full comprehensive service and repair garage with a long history of excellent service and reasonable pricing. We can replace your dual mass flywheels.  Or we can fit your vehicle with the latest DMF with built-in vibration dampening components. This type does not require frequent replacement. We’re an independent garage so your costs are likely less when we undertake the repair instead of having your dealer make the repairs.

Dual mass flywheel near Leek is just one of the problems that often arise with your clutch. Our team is fully equipped to handle all issues including cables, automatic adjusters and a whole range of clutch kits. When you hear the noise, feel the vibration and notice the slippage, call us right away at Macclesfield MOT & Service. The sooner you get your vehicle in for repairs, the less damage incurred. We welcome you to make us your home garage for complete automotive care and MOT testing. We place great emphasis on customer service and working within your schedule. Feel free to ask questions about our service and free quotes are always an option.