Expert Vehicle Diagnostics Near Over Alderley, Saving You Time and Money

Vehicle Diagnostics Near Over AlderleyOur state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostics near Over Alderley will save you time and money. We have the right expertise and equipment to quickly identify and locate the problem with your vehicle. No matter what the model and make, our highly trained, experienced technicians can give you the right advice and assistance. In view of the current pandemic situation, we have ensured strict compliance with pandemic protocols and government regulations for the safety and well-being of our valued customers. Though the government has extended the date for completion of MOT, we understand that many customers prefer to get testing done as early as possible. We request vehicle owners to make early bookings for MOT testing so that we can help you complete the process.

For our clients near Over Alderley, vehicle diagnostics carried out in a timely way helps to keep your vehicle in top gear. This ensures readiness in emergencies, prevents inconvenient breakdowns and assures safety. Modern vehicles are very smart – they can tell us that something’s wrong with them and where. However, identifying the cause of the problem and the exact location require more detailed investigation. Diagnostics tests are carried out by trained technicians who plug the vehicle into a special code-reader. This reveals problems that are difficult to detect manually. The main areas include electronics control units, emissions and exhaust, brakes, electrical components such as window/wiper controls and central locking. It also includes electronically controlled transmission, fuel injectors, airflow and coolant, throttle-settings and ignition coils.

Our expert vehicle diagnostics near Over Alderley can complete the diagnostics in about an hour and a half while you wait or finish your errands elsewhere. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service Centre for more information on our services. Diagnostics checks are essential to prevent untoward incidents and further damage to your vehicle’s other systems. Computerised systems can detect both minor and major problems before they escalate. These tests are swift, easy, accurate and convenient. The dashboard light indicator will come on to convey the message that something’s amiss.