Use an Expert MOT Test Centre Near Sutton for Peace of Mind

Contact Macclesfield MOT and Service CentreWhen you need an MOT test centre near Sutton,  Macclesfield MOT & Service is your best choice. We have operated as the major testing centre since the mid seventies. In fact, ours is the only MOT test centre approved by the Cheshire East Council to carry out testing on taxis and limo vehicles. We’re proud of that. Of course, we also carry out annual MOT testing for all Class III and IV. We take our responsibility seriously because we want our customers to be safe on the highways. To do that you need a reliable vehicle with all safety equipment in good shape. You want tyres with sufficient tread, wiper blades, lights and directionals that work and operational safety equipment. You don’t want to be throwing carcinogenic laced exhaust into the environment.

The only way to prepare for an MOT test is to do your own pre-test. For drivers near Sutton, an MOT test centre can also carry out an overall review. It’s often the little things we’ve become accustomed to that cause MOT test failure. So, schedule your MOT with us at least 30 days before your current MOT expires. Before your appointment, check that your tyres have enough tread, that all your lights work correctly, and that seat belts secure safely. Make sure exhaust pipes and bumpers are not loose and no trim pieces or mirrors are flapping. Your chance of passing the MOT test the first time is better when you undertake a pre-test. Then your primary concern will be emissions.

If your car fails the emissions portion at our MOT test centre near Sutton, we can help you out. We are a full service garage with highly experienced technicians. We’ll troubleshoot the cause of your emissions problem and make the necessary repairs and adjustments. Our prices are competitive. Once done, we’ll retest at no additional charge. Ours is an independent garage so you won’t be paying dealer prices for those repairs. Contact Macclesfield MOT and Service Centre and schedule your upcoming MOT test with us. Remember to carry out your own pre-test first to increase your chance of passing the first time.