Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs near Mobberley, Expertly Seen to by an Expert Team

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs near MobberleyFor dual mass flywheel repairs near Mobberley, you can count on Macclesfield MOT & Service. We are your one stop for all auto repairs and that includes all gearbox work. A dual mass flywheel is how auto manufacturers have managed to get more power from the engine to the transmission while saving space. Today’s engines are more powerful than ever before. Instead of using a larger flywheel to transfer additional power they came up with the dual mass flywheel because it saves space. That has worked out fine but this is a pricey part to replace. There should be no need for replacement until your vehicle reaches high mileages.

If the clutch needs replacement, we will examine the flywheel carefully for damage. Near Mobberley, dual mass flywheel repairs are possible and less costly than a complete replacement. So, we’re going to check closely for damage and if your flywheel is in good shape, we will just reinstall it with the new clutch. But if it does show minor wear, we’ll make the repairs. Even though your car has high mileage, it will be cost effective to repair rather than replace. If the repairs are not taken care of expect the flywheel to fail and an expensive replacement part. Our technicians will always notify you of any findings when we undertake these checks and give you our recommendation. The final decision, of course, is yours.

There are occasions when dual mass flywheel repairs near Mobberley are necessary even if you haven’t experienced clutch problems. This can happen even in vehicles that are not high mileage. It’s very important to address the issue immediately to prevent accelerating damage. So, if your clutch is slipping a little, you hear a rattle around your floorboard or a moaning while driving; any suspicious noise, don’t ignore it. Contact Macclesfield Mot & Service and let us take a look at it. We are experts in the field of all things automotive. Our independent garage has been established since 1977. We enjoy an excellent reputation in the area for lowest possible prices and a high standard of service. Estimates are free.