MOT Test Centre in Rainow

MOT Test Centre in RainowMacclesfield MOT & Service is your MOT test centre in Rainow conducting Class III & IV MOT Testing. Those classes include most vehicles on the road including cars, caravans, ambulances, taxis and goods vehicles. It also includes 3-wheeled and quads. Our test centre is the only one in the area nominated by the local council to carry out MOT testing on taxis and hackneys licensed by the Council. This is a more detailed MOT than your passenger car because our government wants to protect the safety and comfort of passengers. Maximum MOT fees are set by the government and our rates are competitive. You will see adverts for cheap MOT testing but there really isn’t much wiggle room within the set maximum price.

Our garage focus is on skilled professional service and customer convenience. With that in mind, in Rainow, MOT test centre Macclesfield conducts testing only by appointment. However, we have two dedicated MOT bays and five testers so you can usually choose your most convenient time. This avoids long wait lines which waste your time. Our customers also have the option of choosing our free local collection and delivery service. When you call to schedule your MOT, just let us know where you want us pick your car up and to where we should return it. You won’t have to take off work and your test will take place on time without the last minute rush.

We encourage our customers to schedule their car for our MOT test centre in Rainow the allowed full month in advance. If,for whatever reason, their vehicle does not pass. Your current certificate is still valid and you can still legally drive the car as long as it meets minimum safety standards. while you schedule repairs. Our garage is a full service garage which means if your car fails we may be able to carry out necessary repairs and retest it within the allowed time frame to prevent paying for a retest. Call us and schedule your MOT today while there’s still plenty of time. At Macclesfield MOT, we make it as easy and convenient as possible to stay safe on the roads.