Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in Bosley

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in BosleyFor affordable dual mass flywheel repairs in Bosley visit Macclesfield MOT & Service.  This important part of your clutch provides continuous rotational energy where the energy source is not continuous. The dual mass flywheel carries out the same function as a conventional flywheel but dampens any violent variation of torque that could cause unwanted vibration. This is achieved by using a series of strong springs. This helps to reduce the noise and vibration far better than a single flywheel.  When you notice that the gears are not quite as smooth as usual there is possibly a problem in the drive train. If it is accompanied by a loud rattling noise you need to bring the vehicle to us as soon as possible.

The clutch of your vehicle is an important part of the drive train. In Bosley, dual mass flywheel repairs are undertaken to save the cost of replacement. The dual mass flywheel works by transmitting the engine torque to the clutch pressure plate and disk. The primary purpose is to isolate the torsional vibrations generated in the engine and prevent them passing into the driveline. It acts as a sort of shock absorber and prevents possibly damaging vibrations from reaching the gearbox. If your clutch is slipping and there is no smell of burning it could be the dual mass flywheel that is at fault. We can check to see which part is faulty and give you a quotation on a repair.

Our garage is very experienced with dual mass flywheel repairs in Bosley. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service today to schedule an appointment. We offer the complete range of garage services including routine servicing, repairs, electronic diagnostics and MOT testing. Brake overhauls, tyres, exhaust and clutch replacement are also offered at our garage. We have many years of experience and are an amalgamation of 3 successful garages that began with Connelly’s Auto repair in 1994. It expanded and acquired Macclesfield MOT & Service centre in 2000. We then had the opportunity to acquire Jepson Motors for their renowned body repair work in 2008. Now we are fully established in all aspects of vehicle service, repair and maintenance.