Honda Specialist in Siddington

Honda specialist in SiddingtonAre you searching for a Honda specialist in Siddington? Are you worried about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty if you take your vehicle in for servicing to an outside garage? There’s good news for all vehicle owners. In October 2003, the EU Block Exemption Regulation was put into place. This has introduced numerous changes in the vehicle repair and purchasing industry. As a motorist, you are no longer bound to your dealer in order to “keep up with your warranty”. You may take it into any accredited garage. Block Exemption regulations ensure that vehicle manufacturers’ warranties are not affected by seeking garage services from an outside garage. This is an unjustifiable restriction. Consumers now have the option of choosing an independent garage. As long as the vehicle is serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, the warranty will not be affected.

If you’re located in Siddington, Honda specialist is around the corner. Macclesfield MOT is the trusted name in garage services. We specialise in all makes and models, especially Hondas. At Macclesfield MOT, we are committed to being your one-stop garage. As a result we offer a wide range of services such as servicing, MOT testing, repairs, vehicle diagnostics, fleet work, tyres, exhausts, batteries, valeting, radio decoding, air bag module resetting and clutch work. Our humble garage was started by in 1994 by Pat and Sean Connelly. Their aim was to set up an independent garage for the Honda Marque. Today, we have continued in that tradition and are able to provide Honda expertise with OEM parts at affordable prices. For customer convenience, we also offer a free pick-up and delivery service. As we’ve continued to expand by leaps and bounds, we began catering to makes and models of vehicles.

If you require servicing on your Japanese-make vehicle, contact a Honda specialist in Siddington. Give Macclesfield MOT a call today if you need the services of a Honda specialist. You can be sure that your Honda will receive a first class service or repair.