Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in Gawsworth

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in GawsworthIt is possible for dual mass flywheel repairs in Gawsworth to be carried out. This depends on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the damage that has been done to the flywheel. The dual mass flywheel is necessary as it reduces vibration that would normally be transmitted to the gearbox. This will damage the gears and could be a very costly repair. The dual mass flywheel is made from two flywheels that are about the same diameter as a single flywheel. The first flywheel is attached to the crankshaft and the second is attached to the clutch unit. There are springs between them that absorb most of the vibration. This allows for a smooth and silent drive. The amount of oscillation is directly related to engine speed and load.

When you have a problem with your vehicle clutch assembly in Gawsworth, dual mass flywheel repairs are often very affordable. Although the dual mass flywheel was originally fitted to diesel engines to help cope with the high torque they are now fitted to petrol vehicles as well. They are a way of cushioning the power and torque from the engine through to the clutch and drive train. Without it the gearbox would probably strip through the excessive forces exerted by the engine. It allows the power to be more gentle transmitted.

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