Trike MOT in Leek

Trike MOT in LeekWhen looking for a garage that does trike MOT in Leek, you will probably also be thinking about costs. As it is a legal requirement in the UK to carry a valid MOT certificate when you are riding or driving a vehicle, you will have to find a garage that is authorised to carry out MOTs for trikes. If you are still looking for someplace to go, you are welcome to bring your trike to us for the MOT.  

Trikes need the MOT test carried out by an authorised dealer. In Leek, trike MOT is expertly done at Macclesfield MOT & Service. The requirement for an MOT test is the same for all vehicles, including trikes. This means that your trike needs its annual MOT test completed to ensure that it is safe to drive on the roads. We have two Class IV MOT bays and five Nominated MOT Testers. We are one of the busiest MOT testing stations in the Macclesfield area! As we invest in both training and the latest diagnostic equipment, we remain current with new technology and methodologies. We also have another four service bays and a fully equipped body repair shop, complete with a spray booth and alignment jig. We are proud members of the Cheshire Trading Standards Approved Workshop scheme, which promises you the highest level of service and efficiency.

Have your trike MOT in Leek done at a highly regarded MOT testing station. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service today for more information about what is required for a trike MOT. Your trike may need repair work to ensure that it passes the MOT test. Our experts can pinpoint the problems and recommend solutions. Should any parts need to be replaced we can do this too. Ensure your trike is legal and have the MOT completed at an authorised testing station.