Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist in Capesthorne

Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist in CapesthorneA vehicle diagnostic specialist in Capesthorne is an important member of Macclesfield MOT & Service’s staff.

You may wonder what our diagnostic specialist does.  The technician uses a scanner and connects to your Electronic Control Unit (ECU) under the dash. That is the brains of the care. The connector then receives information about your car including the model, VIN and the type of engine. The scanner also receives codes that show a particular problem. With that information, the diagnostic specialists can identify the problem and make the necessary repairs. The diagnostic tool is our way of communicating with your car.

Diagnostic tools are frequently updated to keep up with new car technology. In Capesthorne, a vehicle diagnostic specialist at Macclesfield MOT & Service are continually upgrading the tools and advancing the knowledge of the diagnostic specialists. We invest heavily in the diagnostic and technology tools and training because that is required for proper service, maintenance and repair of cars today. We want to provide superior customer service and the only way to do that is to learn the language of the car.  All those lights on your dash is your car communicating  with you. It tells you everything is fine or it gives a yellow warning  to find attention soon. A red blinking light means your car is in trouble. Pull over, stop the engine and call Macclesfield MOT.

We encourage you to heed your car’s warning lights and bring it to our vehicle diagnostic specialist in Capesthorne if a warning light comes on. We do MOT testing as well and your car will not pass the MOT if some of those lights are displayed. Until the problem has been diagnosed and repaired, your car is not considered roadworthy. Why wait for a failed MOT test? Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service if you need the services of a vehicle diagnostic specialist. Bring your car to us right away to make your car safer and maybe prevent further damage. You can ignore the oil light and you won’t fail the MOT. However, ignore it long enough and you will be looking for a new engine block. Don’t be that guy!