Expert MOT Test Centre Near Chelford for Vehicle Compliance

MOT Test Centre near ChelfordWith help from the leading  MOT test centre near Chelford you can stay in compliance with the latest regulations. If your car hasn’t cleared the test successfully, you are not legally allowed to drive it. It can be driven to a repair centre or to another testing centre. This is possible only if no major faults were in the failed test. The MOT test follows a stringent set of criteria. These have been mandated by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) which was earlier the Ministry of Transport. Your vehicle has to meet the minimum standard on the test. The test must be conducted by an authorised test centre. There are more than 23,500 local garages that have been designated as testing centres across England, Scotland and Wales.

For Class III and IV vehicles near Chelford, our MOT test centre is available. Our team has the necessary experience and equipment to ensure that your car is thoroughly checked before the test. In case faults are detected, we can fix the problems. Only after we are completely satisfied do we recommend that you take the test. The test is frequently updated and we stay in touch with the latest information. Some unscrupulous garages may take advantage of the customer’s lack of knowledge about the test. They charge highly inflated fees for repair. In addition, they may label some faults as “Dangerous” or insist that the repairs are carried out only in their garage. Ours is a local, independent garage with a solid reputation for integrity. As such, our focus is on keeping our prices affordable, with no compromise on quality.

Our garage and MOT test centre near Chelford are known in this region and beyond for professionalism, concern for your safety and well-being and sensible pricing. Furthermore, all the faults that we detect in your vehicle are genuine. If they are not fixed before you take the test, your vehicle could be labelled as not roadworthy. For more details about our MOT test centre, contact Macclesfield MOT & Service. Thus, our goal is to return your car in the best possible condition, no matter what its age, make and model. We offer a range of other services as well.