Expertly Done Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs Near Over Alderley

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs near Over AlderleyWhen you need expert dual mass flywheel repairs near Over Alderley, get in touch with the specialists. Macclesfield MOT & Service Centre. We provide comprehensive MOT testing, maintenance, repair and servicing facilities for all makes and models of vehicles, though we focus on Honda and Volvo brands. We are proud of our reputation for being a well-established, reliable and top-quality garage in Macclesfield and the neighbouring areas. We provide a service by qualified and experienced technicians according to ICME/manufacturer’s servicing schedules. If spares are required, we use only good quality aftermarket products or genuine ones.

For vehicle owners near Over Alderley, dual mass flywheel repairs are necessary to keep your vehicle in top gear. This component’s main task is to provide spring cushioning to dampen torsional crankshaft vibrations and shock absorption when the clutch is engaged. It helps in the smooth transfer of power from engine to drive train, providing a smoother and quieter ride. In some cars, these dual mass flywheels are prone to give trouble and fail prematurely. When this happens, you can hear a clunking or rattling noise when the clutch is engaged. Other symptoms include a hard clutch pedal, difficult gear shifting, lack of smooth start, squeaking or grinding noises, etc. Sometimes debris and broken parts can become trapped in the flywheel and cause damage to other neighbouring parts. Wear and tear is another reason for flywheels to fail. Based on your driving style, these engine parts can begin to fail. It’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Dual mass flywheel repairs near Over Alderley are certainly not a DIY job. The typical life of a flywheel is about the same as your clutch, so if you need to change your clutch, it’s a smart move to change the flywheel at the same time to avoid taking down your gear box a second time. The flywheel unit can be rebuilt with new springs and reassembled. When you need dual mass flywheel repairs, contact us as soon as possible. Often, the problem is reported quite late, requiring complete replacement of the flywheel and the clutch kit. This is a major and expensive job, requiring the removal of the gearbox