Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in Sutton

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in SuttonGet top quality dual mass flywheel repairs in Sutton with our help at the Macclesfield MOT & Service Centre. We are proud of our reputation as the region’s leading Cheshire Standards Approved Workshop and independent garage. Our range of services includes routine servicing, repairs, Class 3 and 4 MOT testing, electronic diagnostic testing, brakes, tyres, exhaust, clutch repair/replacement, radio decoding and more. Our services are available for all makes and models of vehicles, while we specialise in Honda and Volvo marques. With nearly forty years’ experience in this sector, what sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to excellence, sensible solutions, affordable pricing and our customer-centric approach. No matter how big or small the problem, we’re glad to be of assistance.

If you spot certain signs and symptoms such as difficulty in changing gears, bring your vehicle in to us. In Sutton, dual mass flywheel repair is crucial to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your vehicle. Signs that you need dual mass flywheel repair include the feeling that something’s not OK when you shift gears or operate the clutch. It’s important to identify the issue correctly, because many of these symptoms could also indicate a faulty clutch. Typical symptoms also include rattling and banging noises, slipping clutch, burning smell, or vibrations in the car floor.

We offer dual mass flywheel repair in Sutton. However, your dual mass flywheel may need replacement if the problem is serious. Another option could be to replace with a single mass flywheel. To find out how we can assist you with dual mass flywheel repair, contact us today. Ever since we launched operations in 1977, we have been a leading MOT testing centre in Macclesfield. We are also the only Macclesfield Council approved station for the testing of private hire and “hackney carriages” (taxis) in the borough. We also carry out MOT repairs for all makes and models up to van size. Today, having undergone some changes in ownership, Macclesfield MOT & Service is proud to have two Class 4 MOT bays and five nominated MOT testers. Though this makes us one of the busiest MOT stations in the region, we ensure that each and every customer gets complete satisfaction.