MOT Garage in Bosley

MOT Garage in BosleyFor a highly regarded and professional MOT Garage in Bosley, speak to Macclesfield MOT & Service. The annual test can seem to be a bit tiresome but it is done to protect all road users. Our MOT test is done according to the regulations and stipulations listed by the Department of Transport. The items that need to be checked are very specific and include the lights, signal lights and windscreen.  The electrical wiring and battery as well as the tyres and wheels are all on the check list. The seatbelts need to be in good working order and properly secured to the car. The exhaust has to be checked to make sure that the emissions are below a certain level.  If it is over the normal range then it will fail the test and you will need to repair or replace the exhaust.

If your car is over three years of age then it will need to have an annual test. In Bosley, MOT garage test facilities do not come finer than ours. We carry out the test on a number of different vehicles including motorbikes, Trikes and scooters, cars and trucks up to 3 tonnes as well as motor homes. Mirrors play an important role in the visual access the driver has to obstacles around the vehicle. The tyres are checked for wear and tear and there has to be minimum level of tread on them. Brakes and suspension are checked to ensure the driver can safely control the car in all road conditions.

When you need an MOT garage in Bosley our company has many years of expertise in the industry.  Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service today to book an appointment to have your car serviced or repaired at a very affordable price. Connelly’s Auto Repair has evolved over the years and started in 1994. In 2000 we acquired Macclesfield MOT & Service Centre which was one of Macclesfield’s major MOT testing stations. In 2008 we acquired the body repair shop of Jepson Motors and can now offer Service, repair, MOT testing and full body repairs with re-spraying for all makes and models of vehicles. We are one of the most comprehensive automotive shops in the area.