Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in Pott Shrigley

Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs in Pott ShrigleyDual mass flywheel repairs in Pott Shrigley carried out by Macclesfield MOT & Service is a bit tricky. That’s because the symptoms indicating the need for a repair mimic other issues. When our techs remove the clutch we carefully examine the flywheel for damage. If we don’t find any, then we leave it alone and when we make other repairs we replace the original flywheel. Now, some garages don’t like messing with the flywheel at all. It can be tedious so they’ll just tell you the flywheel has to be replaced. It’s a fairly pricey replacement so if the flywheel is your problem you want a mechanic that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and be willing to make the repairs. It’s messy but very often it’s doable which will save you some money.

A dual mass flywheel is like two flywheels in one. In Pott Shrigley, dual mass flywheel repairs are carefully carried out after a visual inspection proves the need. Most drivers believe in them over the single flywheel because when you engage the clutch, it’s smoother, quieter and there’s less or no vibration. All that makes for a better ride and allows the dual flywheel and the transmission to last longer. However, poor driving habits and exceeding your tow load limit are two ways you can wear it out faster. Some symptoms of a damaged dual mass flywheel are vibration, noise because pieces have broken off and are doing more damage, the clutch slips when shifting and sometimes you can smell it. Instead of a rattle you might hear audible vibration that sounds like moaning.

When you feel or hear any of the symptoms, dual mass flywheel repairs in Pott Shrigley may be possible instead of replacement. Don’t delay; contact us right away to avoid more damage. We have a long history of excellent full service and MOT for all makes and models of cars. We use only top quality replacement parts and if you prefer we will use original manufacturer parts. We carry out services according to manufacturer recommendations, however since we’re independent, we can save you a considerable sum of money over dealer prices. We’ve been around a long time but our shop is state of the art and our technicians highly trained and experienced.