Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist in Holmes Chapel

Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist in Holmes ChapelMacclesfield MOT & Service is your vehicle diagnostic specialist in Holmes Chapel. Technology doesn’t stand still and our cars now have more than one computer to operate different functions. Using diagnostic tools like an error code reader is not a shortcut to troubleshoot the problem or confirm opinion; it’s an essential piece of equipment. This is true of other diagnostic tools. We need various diagnostic equipment for cars going back 20 years until today. We stay up to date and invest in the new technology as it becomes available. There are many brands from which to choose for aftermarket diagnostic tools but we stay with the well-known and proven brands. Now, we invest in Original Equipment Manufacturer tools that are manufacturer specific.

It takes time and dedication for our techs to stay current with technology. For our tech specialists in Holmes Chapel, vehicle diagnostic refreshers and updated training keep Macclesfield MOT & Service ahead of the pack. We use software designed for access to repair information but now it’s getting even better. Vehicle manufacturers offer repair and service information on their own technical websites; for a price of course. It’s worth it if we can provide more in-depth diagnostics of your vehicle leading to a quicker repair. Our techs use the internet to communicate and interact with other technicians the world over to exchange information and ideas. Nobody knows everything and our techs know more than most. But,we also know how to find what we don’t know.

Before automotive garages needed vehicle diagnostic specialist in Holmes Chapel, mechanic techs used make and model specific Chilton Manuals and what their own training and experience taught them. It was okay because cars were less complicated. It’s likely some still use their Chilton Manuals but it’s going to take longer to troubleshoot your car problem. There is a good chance if they find one problem they will miss others. You’ll be bringing your car back again and again. So let’s get it right the first time. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service and let our vehicle diagnostic specialists diagnose, service and repair your car. We’ll be using the diagnostic tools made for getting the job done accurately at prices so low your dealer can’t touch us.