Trike Mot in Nether Alderley

Trike Mot in Nether AlderleyA trike Mot in Nether Alderley is compulsory as it is for any vehicle that is driven on public roads. The MOT ensures that the vehicle be it homemade or manufactured by a large company is safe and complies with the rules and regulations of the Department of Transport. It is still necessary to have the exhaust, fuel and emissions measured and to make sure that nothing impedes the driver’s view of the road. Mirrors are necessary as with all vehicles. The wheels and tyres need to be in an acceptable state and tyre wear will be measured. The suspension of the vehicle is checked as it can lead to instability of the vehicle if it is worn.

When your three wheeled vehicle needs the annual test in Nether Alderley, trike MOT and services are done by us. We make sure that the brakes are efficient and the body and structure of the vehicle is sound. As with all vehicles the lights need to function efficiently unless exempt from the lighting section of the MOT and the turning signals must be visible to other road users and be functioning correctly. If you vehicle fails the MOT we will inform you of the faults that need correcting. You can either request us to fix the problems or you can remove the vehicle and have it repaired elsewhere.

A trike Mot in Nether Alderley is available at our garage. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service today to book your trike in for a service or MOT. The three wheeled vehicle has been around for many years and the first full sized self propelled land vehicle was a steam driven three wheeler. Throughout the more modern history of motor vehicles there have been a number of iconic three wheeled vehicles. The trike is usually a three wheeled motor cycle but can also be a three wheeled all terrain vehicle. Some have electric motors others have motorcycle engines and some have car engines.