VW Servicing in Mobberley

VW servicing in MobberleyTo save money on car repairs, consider VW servicing in Mobberley at a qualified garage rather than the main dealer. If a garage is qualified to work on VW’s they will follow the warranty schedule of maintenance in order to keep your warranty intact. They will use VW parts if you are still under warranty. If your vehicle is out of warranty, you can save even more money with alternative parts. Before going in, call around and find an experienced VW garage and compare their prices with the dealers. Also check with people who have used them to make sure they provide exceptional service and have highly trained mechanics.

VW repair garages will have special knowledge about the vehicle and will likely be able to complete servicing and repairs quickly. In Mobberley, VW Servicing is a specialty of Macclesfield MOT & Service. They offer MOT testing, VW repairs, diagnostics, tyres, batteries and exhausts, clutch work, radio decoding and air bag module resetting. You will save a lot of money by having your servicing and repairs done by Macclesfield MOT & Service. You will save 25 percent or more over the main dealer. They are knowledgeable about VW’s and have a lot of experience with them, so you can have confidence that your repairs will be done accurately.

Macclesfield MOT & Service was built by combining their original garage with several others over the years to expand their expertise. VW servicing in Mobberley by Macclesfield is completely priced. Contact MOT & Service and schedule a time to stop in for VW servicing. The business has been around since 1977 and has been growing and expanding all along. They currently employ eight staff. They have two Class IV MOT bays and five Nominated MOT Testers. They have four service bays and a body repair shop. They continue to invest in training and the latest diagnostic equipment to keep up the quality of their services.