MOT Test Centre in Bosley

MOT Test Centre in BosleyIf you need an MOT test centre in Bosley go to Macclesfield MOT and Service Centre.  Who needs an MOT? Owners of any private vehicle three or more years old. That means cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, caravans, 3 wheelers and quads. Most commercial passenger vehicles require an MOT after the first year. After that, you need an MOT by the anniversary date every year. Fail to get the test done and you could be fined up to£1,000. If you get caught driving an untested vehicle that is unsafe, the fine triples. We are a certified test centre. You are welcome to observe while the test is being conducted but the rules state there can be no contact with the technician during the process.

Keeping dangerously unsafe vehicles off the road and excessive pollutants from our air are excellent reasons for MOT testing. For drivers in Bosley, our MOT test centre offers additional services. We are a full service independent garage offering service and repairs according to manufacturer’s schedules and guidelines. We will use top quality parts but if you want original manufacturer parts, we can do that as well. You will find our prices are considerably less than your dealer charges. We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians are highly qualified. The people of this area have kept us in business since 1977 and we are grateful for their loyalty.

When your vehicle does not pass at our MOT test centre in Bosley, we are ready to make any adjustments or repairs so it will pass. We are experienced with such issues since we are one of the first MOT service centres and we are still the only garage approved by the Macclesfield Council to test Private hire and taxi’s. When you need an MOT test centre, contact Macclesfield MOT & Service Centre. Bring your vehicle or bring your fleet to our garage. Should your vehicle fail the first time, we are fully equipped to make the repairs. If we find a loose bumper, no worries. We have a body shop bay where we can tighten up anything that is loose.