Honda Specialists

Year’s of Honda factory training and specialising in this make allows us to offer our Honda customer’s and excellent service that is significantly cheaper than Honda main dealers. We have amassed a large amount of genuine Honda tools and manuals and can carry out all types of repairs.

Our experience has also allowed us the ability to repair items that the main dealer can’t and can only replace. We save our customer’s hundreds of pounds on repairs to ABS pumps, motors and rear brake calipers.

We use both original equipment parts and high quality aftermarket parts to ensure you enjoy the long operational life that Honda’s are renowned for, yet at a reasonable cost.

We can also repair your ABS/VSA module in your car. Honda’s like a lot of othe rmanufacturers are suffering with a common defect inside the ABS module which causes the ABS/VSA warning lights to come on which are not only an MOT fail but also reduce the saftey of the vehicle. This fault usually results in a fault code of 66-1 being stored in the ABS/VSA module occasionally accompanied by an 84-1 code. Now Honda did extend the warranty period for this fault but it doesn’t cover the majority of vehicles out there and the Honda UK solution is to sell you a new module at well over £1000. We can now repair your vehicle using brand new parts without having to send the module away and can usually complete the work in half a day meaning less incovenince than most repairers. At £575 fully inclusive this is considerably less than Honda. For more information please get in touch. We have repaired Accords, Civics and CRVs with this problem.