Choose a Top Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist near Over Alderley

Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist near Over AlderleyThe best way to find out what is wrong with your car is by consulting our vehicle diagnostic specialist near Over Alderley. It is challenging to pinpoint the exact challenge your car has without special diagnostics expertise. Modern vehicles have multiple electronic and computerised systems, whose challenges are not visible to the naked eye. Also, many electronic challenges in vehicles have similar indicators. Using the latest diagnostic equipment can help you locate the specific component that’s causing problems in your car. Yet, the latest diagnostic equipment is useless without a specialist who can use it efficiently. Vehicle diagnostics can be costly if you go to the main dealerships. Independent garages and service centres are your best chance of getting quality diagnostic services at affordable prices.

The EU Block Exemption Regulation put into action in 2003, allows vehicle owners to use independent garages for regular service and repairs without voiding their warranties. Near Over Alderley, our vehicle diagnostic specialists provide main dealer quality services without the cost. We follow your car manufacturers service schedules and guidelines to give you the quality care you deserve. As such, we can save at least 25% of the cost you would incur by taking your car to the main dealers. Our garage has a long history of success and is one of the highest regarded in the region. Established in 1977, our garage is an integral part of our community.

We don’t limit our work to the provision of a vehicle diagnostic specialist near Over Alderley. We provide all the vehicle services and repairs you need. Our services cover MOT testing, fleet work, tyres, clutch, batteries, exhausts, radio decoding and airbag module resetting. Our technical team consists of six highly qualified staff with specialised expertise in their fields. We also have four service bays, two Class IV MOT bays and five Nominated MOT Testers. If you need a vehicle diagnostics specialist, call Macclesfield MOT & Service today. Our friendly staff is always ready to listen and respond to new and existing customers’ requests.