When You Need an MOT Station Near Marton, Choose the Best

MOT Station Near MartonChoose us as your MOT station near Marton. When you do, you will find we are also a first class full service auto and repair garage. Our services include tyres, radio decoding and A/C as well as all the latest in diagnostics, and the most experienced mechanics. Our expertise extends to all makes, models and year of vehicles. However, if you have a Honda or Volvo, we do consider them our specialities. When we started in the early ‘90’s our Honda expertise combined with our ability to source OEM quality parts allowed us to provide a cost effective service for Honda owners. Our free collection and delivery service was also very popular. All customers like friendly service and over the years we expanded our services to include all makes and models of vehicles.

MOT testing was first introduced in Great Britain in 1960 for cars that were more than ten years old. By 1967 your local, near Marton, MOT station was expected to test all cars over three years old. We were established in 1977 and have remained a major MOT testing centre. Actually, we are the only approved station for testing private hire vehicles and taxis in the area. We make sure when people hire transportation, they’re getting safe vehicles. As a full service garage, we undertake MOT repairs as one of our services. It’s a great convenience for our customers because if repairs are needed to pass the MOT, they don’t have to go elsewhere for repairs then return to us for their MOT. It saves time so they can get a retest within the allowed time frame and don’t have to pay for retesting.

Our MOT station near Marton is on site with our service garage. However, they operate separately with designated testing bays and qualified testing personnel. MOT testers are not interchangeable with our service and repair mechanics. You should know that MOT regulations require documentation for every car that fails the MOT test and the reason for failure and retesting results. For an honest and fairly priced auto service with an on-site MOT station, contact Macclesfield MOT & Service. We’re an independent privately owned service and MOT garage that is local. Our competitive pricing and friendly customer service is well known.