Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist in Over Alderley

Vehicle Diagnostic Specialist in Over AlderleyWe are a vehicle diagnostic specialist in Over Alderley who deal with all makes and models of vehicles. Almost all modern cars have an on board computer that runs all the systems in the car. It will pick up any deviation or deterioration in any of the sensors or other electronic devices. Sometimes this will be displayed as a light on the dashboard but some tiny faults may go undetected until the diagnostic machine is connected. The on board computer will upload all kinds of information to the diagnostic machine in the form of various codes. These codes tell the technician exactly what faults there are and where they are to enable us to quickly rectify them.

If your car has a fault in Over Alderley, vehicle diagnostic specialist can connect the machine to the on board computer in your car and find the problem quickly. Some of the faults may be very small and require a sensor or other small part replacement. As with all electronics an overload of current can cause them to malfunction and they need to be changed.  Repairs on vehicle systems these days are very intricate and without a diagnostic machine one could search for days to find a fault. Our diagnostic machine can communicate with all makes and models of cars and can even access technical data at the manufacturer’s headquarters.

We have the latest state of the art machine which ensures our reputation as a vehicle diagnostic specialist in Over Alderley. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service today to book an appointment to have your car serviced or repaired at a very affordable price. Connelly’s Auto Repair has evolved over the years and started in 1994. In 2000 we acquired Macclesfield MOT & Service Centre which was one of Macclesfield’s major MOT testing stations. In 2008 we acquired the body repair shop of Jepson Motors and can now offer Service, repair, MOT testing and full body repairs with re-spraying for all makes and models of vehicles. We are one of the most comprehensive automotive shops in the area.