Trike MOT in Siddington

Trike MOT in SiddingtonIf you want to do a trike MOT in Siddington, you’re going to have to find a garage that can perform MOT for unusual vehicles. Macclesfield MOT & Service is that garage. We are Macclesfield’s leading independent garage, and we offer a wide range of services including radio decoding, clutch replacement, exhausts, tyres, brake overhaul, electric diagnostic testing, call III and class IV MOT testing, repairs and routine servicing. We can service all makes and models, but we are specialised in Volvo and Honda vehicles.

For bike owners in Siddington, trike MOT is always available. As a company, we’ve been established in 1994 by Sean and Paul Connelly. We started off as an independent service specialist for Honda vehicles, and our expertise and emphasis on cost effectiveness allowed us to grow rapidly. Our popularity was also influenced by our free local delivery and collection service. As we expanded, we’ve began working on all makes and models, and in 1997, we moved our business on a larger premises and hired a technician to help us with the growing workload. As the years passed, business was booming, and this allowed us to expand again in May of 2000 when we acquisitioned Cornend Limited and MOT capabilities to our service.

If you want to find out more about trike MOT in Siddington, why not contact us directly? What we can tell you here is that our current rate for a Class III MOT test is £37.20 for three wheeled vehicles. We have two MOT bays, which are coupled with numerous testers. This allows us great flexibility in scheduling, and it means that you will not have to wait long to have your trike tested. You can also take advantage of our local pickup and delivery service if you’d like. Also, once you become our customer, you can opt-in for our reminder service, through which we will notify you when your vehicle is due for an MOT test a month in advance.