Dual Mass Fly Wheel Repairs in Over Alderley

Dual Mass Fly Wheel Repairs in Over AlderleyAs a result of wear and tear,  dual mass fly wheel repair in Over Alderley is sometimes necessary.  The dual mass fly wheel is part of the clutch system and was developed to enable vehicles with higher torque and power at low revolutions to lower the level of vibration.  The traditional clutch has difficulty absorbing this vibration and the dual mass fly wheel plays a key role in making these mechanical developments more viable. The absorption capacity of the vibration depends on the moving parts of the dual mass fly wheel and this causes wear. We can easily check the free play of the fly wheel and determine whether it needs attention or not.

Some garages replace the dual mass fly wheel with a solid fly wheel but this can often lead to gearbox damage and damage to engine crankshafts. In Over Alderley, dual mass fly wheel repairs are carried out by our experienced technicians. We believe in doing the job properly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. There is a good reason why the vehicle was fitted with a dual mass fly wheel in the first place and alterations and adaptions will eventually cause expensive damage to the engine.

Dual mass fly wheel repairs in Over Alderley are one of the many repairs we specialise in. Contact Macclesfield MOT & Service today to book your car in for a repair or service. We have been in business since 1977 and have bought two other automotive companies to expand the original company. Besides repairs and services we also offer the annual MOT test and are expert in body repair services.  This makes us an all round automotive expert.  Your vehicle is in excellent hands when it comes to us as we have proficient technicians in all aspects of vehicle service and repair. We have a combined 150 years of experience between our eight staff members. We are one of the busiest MOT test centres in the area.