MOT Garage in Leek

MOT garage in LeekWhen you’re looking for an MOT garage in Leek or its surrounding areas, it can be hard to decide which mechanic you should visit. Most people have a very deep attachment to their cars. Cars give us mobility, status, and independence. They help us get to work, transport essential life supplies like groceries and health products, or they keep us entertained by driving us to places where we can have fun. Once your car hits the three-year mark, it needs a good MOT specialist to ensure it’s safe, efficient, and roadworthy. This aspect is a virtually non-negotiable part of keeping your car on the road.

For motorists in Leek, MOT garage spaces are not difficult to come by. Still, your best bet is to visit a testing station that has formal credentials. We are the only garage that is approved by the Council of Macclesfield. No other garage in the area is sanctioned to test Hackney Carriages (that’s what we call cabs here) or Private Hire cars. We are members of the Cheshire Trading Standards Approved Workshop scheme, and we have a long heritage of trust that goes all the way back to 1977. We are an amalgam of three home-grown family businesses. These are Connelly Auto Repair, Jepson Motors, and Macclesfield MOT & Service Centres.

Thanks to these three garages, our independent MOT garage in Leek has acquired specialised skills in Honda and Volvo marques while also servicing other car brands. If it has wheels and an engine, we can take care of it. We have a pick-up and drop-off service that is quite popular with busy customers, and if you’re within a reasonable distance of our garage, we’ll do it for free! We cover body repair, spray jobs, and of course, MOT tests. Currently, we have two MOT bays that are serviced by five MOT testers that are nominated. Both our MOT bays are Class IV, and we have four other service bays, a full body repair shop, an alignment jig, and a spray booth. If you’re having trouble with your car in Wigan, Leek, or anywhere else in the area, give us a call. We’ll collect your car, fix it right up, and bring it back better than before.