Trike MOT in Macclesfield

trike MOT in MacclesfieldIf you need a trike MOT in Macclesfield, you have to be sure the garage that does the testing is aware of the laws governing the MOT requirements of a trike. As the trike can be constructed in many different ways, different laws may apply and knowledge of these diverse requirements are imperative to the safety of you and other road users. The company you hire will need a comprehensive understanding of the construction and limitations of the vehicle. They will also need a thorough knowledge of the correct placement of lights and other important items such as rear-view mirrors and direction indicators required to pass the tests.

In Macclesfield, trike MOT tests are professionally undertaken by Macclesfield MOT & Service. Brothers Paul and Sean Connelly have been in business for over 20 years, closely following the changes in the requirements laid down by the authorities and adjusting their systems accordingly. This ensures that any test carried out by them will be guaranteed to comply with the stringent laws concerning trikes. Their services are trusted and used exclusively by the Macclesfield Council that confirms their dedication to the client. They have kept up with the latest testing instrumentation available and their workshops are comprehensible equipped with the latest accurate testing equipment ensuring your vehicle is correctly proved to meet every requirement needed. If need be, they are also capable of carrying out most repair jobs to ensure that your MOT test is completed all at one place, saving you time and money. Their years of experience will ensure that you are in good hands.

A trike MOT in Macclesfield can be capably tackled by Macclesfield MOT & Service. Their knowledge of the standards and requirements needed will have your vehicle legally and safely on the road before you know it. They welcome all enquiries and are quite willing to assist you on the phone with sound advice or for you to make an appointment to have your vehicle booked into their workshop. They are conveniently open six days a week ensuring easy access to their services. If you are looking for a garage that will perform a trike MOT, contact Macclesfield MOT & Service.