Looking for a Honda Specialist in Pott Shrigley?

Honda Specialist in Pott ShrigleyIt is best you head to a Honda specialist in Pott Shrigley if you are experiencing mechanical issues with your Honda vehicle or if it is time for a service tune up.  Previously, vehicle owners were required to visit to their main dealer to get any type of vehicle service conducted. This would help to keep the vehicle within the limits of its warranty. However, recently, certain laws regarding vehicle warranty have been amended. This has provided vehicle owners with the freedom to take their cars to an alternative service provider instead of a dealership. Another benefit of this amendment is cost. Typically, dealerships charge more money to perform a service than a garage. With this change in the law, car owners can save a lot of money.

In Pott Shrigley, a Honda specialist that can be found at Macclesfield MOT & Service is a well qualified mechanic. If your Honda is experiencing any issues, it is best to take it into Macclesfield MOT because their rates are cheaper than the main dealer. Macclesfield MOT is more than a simple garage. They offer a comprehensive and affordable range of garage services that are above and beyond the normal scope of a garage. Their service repertoire includes items such as MOT testing, fleet work, valeting, radio decoding, clutch, tyres, repairs, vehicle diagnostics, servicing, exhausts and batteries and air bag module resetting.

If you are looking for a Honda specialist in Pott Shrigley, think about using Macclesfield MOT & Service. At Macclesfield MOT, all vehicle models and makes are serviced by their experienced and qualified technicians. All the work is carried out according to manufacturer’s schedules. Since the implementation of the EU Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 in October 2003, many changes have occurred in the vehicle repair and purchasing industry. One of these changes removes motorists from being obligated to take their vehicles to the main dealer in order to keep their warranty. Now, if you take your vehicle into a normal garage, your warranty will not be affected. As a consumer, you now have the freedom to choose an independent garage. By choosing one such as Macclesfield MOT, you can save up to 25% and more on your repair and service bills. For more information about a Honda specialist, contact Macclesfield MOT & Service.